Her voice was implacable

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‘He’s dead, Kathryn.’ <…> ‘His body was found on that shingle beach close to Tain.
Her voice was implacable. Hanging onto that fact like hope.
Source: Cold Earth by Ann Cleeves
Context: DI Jimmy Perez is breaking the news to Katherine Rogerson about her father. He was found dead on a beach.

How can a voice be implacable? Somewhat the definition of implacable does not check out with voicing.

implacable /ɪmˈplakəb(ə)l/ I. adjective 1. unable to be appeased or placated • he was an implacable enemy of Ted's.

Thank you.
  • owlman5

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    Authors frequently use adjectives in ways that aren't exactly covered by dictionary definitions, jacdac. If her voice was implacable, I take it to mean that her voice made her sound as though she couldn't be placated. Perhaps she sounded somewhat ruthless as she said something...


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    A voice might similarly be thought of as being without mercy; perhaps her voice was such that her statement could not be ignored or put off. Or it might be that she was very determined, sounding sure of herself, brooking no argument or disagreement.

    To me, "implacable" in this context suggests a voice that is adamant or even authoritative, similar to the meaning of the word peremptorious but perhaps with added urgency or insistence.

    Note: From all I wrote, you might guess that there is no single definite meaning of "implacable" when referring to someone's voice!


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    She refused to acknowledge or accept something and was very firm about it. That firmness was reflected in her voice. She wasn't giving ground. (I don't know the exact context of what she was being implacable about.)
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