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- If she refuses to mend her ways, just ask her to move out. You can't let her wear out her welcome.
- What does " you can't let her wear out her welcome " mean?

Thanks a lot!

  • Trisia

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    Hi, Namlan

    Try using a Dictionary :D

    wear out one's welcome, to make one's visits so frequent or of such long duration that they become offensive: Your cousins have long since worn out their welcome.

    EDIT: I just can't win, can I :(


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    AE, Español
    When you've "worn out your welcome," you are like a guest that has behaved inappropriately or stayed too long; though you were welcomed initially, this situation has now changed.


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    Canadian English
    It's a standard phrase that means that you have a guest and, at first, all goes well. You're happy to have her until she turns into a slob, doesn't pay for any groceries and brings strange men home at night!:eek: You originally welcomed her but now her visit has become tiresome and she is "wearing out" her welcome (you are "wearing out", essentially, and must ask her to leave).
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