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Hello, there:
I am learning a term "herald" which is new to me.
I looked it up and am wondering if it can be interchangable with "sign".
For example, I welcome the report as a herald of more freedom, not less.
I can't tell the difference between "herald" nad "sign".
May I have your help?
Thanks a lot!
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    Herald to my ear is much grander than sign... and is therefore seldom used by most of us...
    Local elections may herald power shift in Yorkshire
    Irish ‘visionary’ claims crosses in the sky will herald Virgin Mary’s next Knock visit

    Note that Herald is a word used in the name of many newspapers, e.g. The Miami Herald.


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    Yes, a herald was An officer having the special duty of making royal or state proclamations, and of bearing ceremonial messages between princes or sovereign powers (OED). Hence the verb herald tends to imply to announce the impending arrival of some grand personage or important event. 'More freedom' may well qualify.
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