Here and there with this, that, these, those(demonstratives)

Anushka Athukorala

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Hello Members
The note and examples below are from Cambridge English Dictionary.

We often use here with nouns that have this or thesebefore them, and there with nouns that have that or those before them:

Are these shoes here yours?

You press that button there and the motor should start.

I would like to know if my sentences below are correct according to this rule.
This car parked here doesn't have an owner. Or
This car here parked doesn't have an owner.
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    "This car parked here doesn't have an owner." -- This version is fine.

    "This car here parked..." -- This version is weird and wrong. "Here" has to come after "parked" in this sentence.

    If you follow these patterns, your phrases should be fine:

    This thing here
    That thing there
    These things here
    Those things there

    You can replace "thing" or "things" with some other noun, of course.

    Anushka Athukorala

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    Hello Owlman5
    Thank you very much for your answer and it is actually better than the explanation in my book ☺☺.
    I would also like to know what you think about these sentences with THIS/ THAT KIND OF. Does the same pattern apply here?

    I would like to buy THAT KIND OF HOUSE THERE one day.
    I would like to buy THIS KIND OF HOUSE HERE one day.
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    Hello, Anushka. You are welcome, and I'm sorry for the belated reply to your latest question. I have a lot of things to do lately, so I don't get into the forum as regularly as I once did.

    You could certainly use those sentences if you were referring to some particular house that both you and your listener could see as you were talking about it.
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