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Can I say that 'I have seen people roaming here and there' ?. I heard this word 'here and there' several times colloquially. But I am not sure whether is this correct one?.

Could anyone please suggest me your thoughts about this?.

Thanks in advance.
  • morzh

    Yes you can say it. But it is only known to you personally, what you mean by it. If you mean "in different places", "in one place or another" - yes, this is what it means.
    It also has another meaning, "from time to time", like "I get some money here and there". Or "I caught some news about it, here and there".
    In the meaning you provide, "I see some birch trees here and there" when you see a tree patch, and the birches being scattered across it, not too densely.


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    Here and there implies "but not everywhere". It connotes sparseness as well as randomness. This is also true when it is used in the time sense.

    In your example it could mean "I have seen a person roaming over there; I have seen a person roaming over here (etc.)" or "I have seen (occasionally) people roaming," or "I have seen people roaming to different places." Context might tell which one is meant.

    It does not mean (to me) "I see a group of people roaming (together) first here and then there," although there is no reason why it could not mean this.
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