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Hi there folks.

I'm a total newbie here, so I hope that I'm not bending any rules as I go.

I'm a technical writer getting a French user guide ready for production, and I've run into a couple of phrases that the translator seems to have missed.

To try to avoid the turnaround time associated with going back to the translator, I thought I'd give this forum a try. I hope that this is a legit use of the forum. If not, I'm sure that some kind person will show me the error of my ways.

The phrase I'd like to get translation for is delimited using [[ ]]. Here is the phrase, preceded by some context that *was* translated:

"Des groupes existent à l'intérieur des dossiers et sont généralement créés via l'importation de la structure Active Directory. [[Here is an example folder/group structure]]:"
This is followed by a tree structure graphic.

My best schoolboy French suggests something like: "Voici un example de la structure du dossier/groupe."

I've tried to be as clear as I can, and hope that someone can help me.

Thanks in advance!!

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