here you go


Hi, everyone:
Here's a very simple questioin.
What's the meaning of "here you go"? Can you give me some examples?
Does it mean "here it is" or "here you are" or else?
  • DrLindenbrock

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    It is used when somebody gives you something you have asked for.
    For example, when you ask for something in a shop, the shopkeeper might say it when handing you the requested item...

    A - May I have that pen, please?
    B - Sure, here you go!

    PS You can also say "there you go", perhaps it's a little more common than "here you go"...but both are fine;)



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    Cantonese, Hong Kong
    Someone asked me in an email to forward a file to him. In my reply, I used "Here you go, please check the attached file". Would "Here you go" sound fine in email correspondence?
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