hereafter - Archaic or not?


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I am presenting underneath a passage from my report.

The aim of this report is to give an insight into local people's opinions on recently installed CCTV cameras in our neighbourhood. The necessary data have been acquired through questionnaires sent to the citizens and the feedback is outlined hereafter.

My question: is the word hereafter ok for this formal piece of writing or is this word too archaic?

Thank you for your anwers
  • Egmont

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    It's not archaic, but it makes the passage read as if someone tried very hard to use as many big words as possible. That does not lead to a good writing style. I'd prefer "feedback is outlined below." Shorter words, where they do the job, are stronger words.

    However, is the feedback really outlined? That is, do you present it in the form of something that can be called an outline? Or is it summarized?


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    It is kind of summarised, so maybe "feedback is briefly outlined below" would be better?
    I'm taking CPE in two weeks and I'm trying to implement as many big words in writing but as a non-native speaker I have problem finding when it sounds artificially. Would you be so kind as to take a look at my writing? Reads light, but just a spontaneous request.
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