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    Español, España
    Necesito que me confirmen si attest = avalar en la siguiente frase:

    "We, the undersigned on behalf of X Bank, at the request of our client, hereby confirm and attest with full bank responsibility confirmation of 4 cheques issued by ROSA S.L. to beneficary NEGRO S.L. "

    “Los abajo firmantes en nombre del Banco X, a petición del cliente, confirman y avalan con responsabilidad bancaria total la confirmación de 4 cheques emitidos por ROSA SL al beneficiario NEGRO S.L.”

    Dicha traducción es para aportarla en un juicio y quisiera estar 100% segura de que está correcta!!
    Muchas gracias a todos/as
  2. Tochka Senior Member

    Perdoname que no hablo bien el español. (Estoy apreniendo.)
    If the WRF translation of avalan meaning to guarantee or support is correct, then that may not quite be the equivalent of the English.
    Attest is related to the term for bear witness, to "testify", and it means the person is officially verifying what is signed. For example, an "attesting witness" is "a person who signs his name to an order to prove or identify it." (Cochran's Law Lexicon, 5th Ed.) See also here. Wait for other English-speaking attorneys with better Spanish than mine to comment, however.
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  3. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    It's not clear what language you are translating from and into which language. It can make a difference in the translation.
  4. Hulalessar

    Hulalessar Senior Member

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    Whether English or Spanish is the target language there is a bit of a problem as neither text makes complete sense.
  5. CANTARINA New Member

    Español, España
    Thank you very much Tochka, you are right!!
    I changed and translated it as "dar fe".
    Thank you everybody ;D

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