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Is this phrase correct:

Hereof VAT: £18.90

It is showing on the website in basket under the Total price.

Thank you in advance!
  • Egmont

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    English - U.S.
    The use of "hereof" is not an error, but it sounds unnatural to me. I'd just write "VAT: £18.90."

    (Whether or not you want to state the percentage used for the VAT calculation is a separate question. In any case, that's a matter of business practice and personal preference, not of language.)


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    English (UK then US)
    I would expect such use of "hereof" to mean that the VAT is already included in the total shown - the total is €100 of which €18.90 is VAT. However, I don't know if the website is using the word "correctly"!
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