hereto, hereinafter, hereunder, hereof, hereby, hereafter, herein

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    Hi! I'm trying to fill some gaps with some legal terms, but I don't know what could be the solution in one of them:

    "Clause Two provides for a procedure whereby both parties ________ can modify the terms of credit."

    And those are the words that I've been given: hereto, hereinafter, hereunder, hereof, hereby, hereafter, herein.

    Someone can help? Thanks!:)
    (And Merry Christmas!)
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  2. Clary New Member

    hereto, a esto, a este fin
    hereinafter, despues, en adelante,
    hereunder, en virtud de cual,,,,en virtud de esto
    hereof acerca de esto,,,de aquí, de esto
    hereby por esta, poren esto,,por la presente
    hereafter despues, más abajo, más adelante
    herein incluso,,,aquí dentro

    Sorry about the asterisk for e! Merry Christmas to you.
  3. rugoster Senior Member

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    The parties hereto (partes del presente)

  4. echaucer Senior Member


    The answer can be "herein" (if the parties have already been mentioned in the document)or "hereunder" (if the parties are to be mentioned later on with an emphasis on them signing at the end). You could also use "hereinafter" if the meaning in Spanish is "en lo sucesivo".



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