hereunder shall have made upon conclusion...

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    No comprendo esta frase. Estoy traduciendo un texto de contrato de seguros. Aquí va el contexto completo

    Ifthe Policyholder or any person (or firm) insured hereunder shall have made uponconclusion of this insurance a false declaration of a material fact which heknew or ought to have known and about which he has been asked in writing, or ifhe omitted to declare such fact, the Underwriters shall in accordance with Article6 of the Federal Law concerning the Insurance Contract be entitled to cancelthe contract by a written declaration within four weeks of such falsedeclaration or omission coming to their knowledge.
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    Spanish from Spain
    A ver, no suelo entender estos textos ni en español, pero aqui va mi respuesta.

    "Si el blablabla a continuación debería haber hecho immediatamente tras la finalización de este seguro..."

    Eso es lo literal, pero claro, lo de "a continuacion" e "inmediatamente" suenan muy redundantes...

    Espero que te haya servido!

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