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Hi! I'm translating a list of ingredients for a hair product and it has the phrase "hero ingredients" in one column, underneath that it lists botanicals, vitamins and extracts. It doesn't seem like the basic "Active Ingredients" like on most products. When I search the phrase "hero ingredients" on the internet it appeared to be used as a term in web pages promoting natural cosmetics and cures. Like "hero" is a synonym of "natural".
The translation lists: Hero minor ingredients, Cleanser ingredients, Revitalizer ingredients, Leave-on treatment ingredients.

I'm considering "Ingredientes Principales or Activadores" but that isn't the case, generally in a shampoo the principal ingredient is sodium lauryl sulphate, not white tea extract.

Here's my try: "Ingredientes Activadores, Ingredients Purificadores, Ingredients Revitalizantes, Ingredientes del Tratamiento Sin Enjuage"

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    ¿Puede ser que "Hero" es la marca del producto? Sugiero "Ingredientes menores: limpiadores/purificadores, tal y tal, revitalizantes, cual y cual, duraderos/perdurables, ...".


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    In that case "Hero" is a monument to hubris, and indicates that the cleansers, revitalizers, and leave-on ingredients are doing a heroic job in conditioning the hair (or whatever they do). Maybe "nuestros ingredientes héroes"? (I don't think "hero" means natural.)

    Presumably all the ingredients are "left on" because you can't rinse out only some of them, but the leave-on treatment ingredients are the only ones that have a continuing effect.
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