Herzl. (abbreviation herzlich)

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I can't seem to find this quickly in any reference I have access to. My question concerns the German word "Herzlich" which can be translated as cordially. I am trying to decipher some German correspondence, and I came across Herzl. in the following context used in the closing of a short message:

Bilder schicken wir Ihnen nach oder bringe ich mit dann verbleibe ich Ihre Anna. Herzl. Grüße senden auch Herr Z__ & Frau.

Is Herzl. the abbreviation for Herzlich? It seems to make sense in context. Is it a standard abbreviation or maybe a devised shorthand to save space? (The message was on the reverse of a photo). Unfortunately, the handwriting is in Kurrentschrift which makes it much more difficult to translate.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


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