herzlichen Glückwunsch - vielen Dank (Akkusativ?)

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    Hi everyone,I wanted to ask you about "herzlichen Glückwunsch!" and " Vielen Dank!"....Is it in Akkusativ? I mean ok it is der Glückwunsch and der Dank...and it seems to me like adjectives in akkusativ..but I don't understand how come.It is implied I say something like "I give you herzlichen Glückwunsch".?..or I give you Vielen Dank?...or is it just standard expressions and I just learn them just as they are?

    Thank you in advance for your time!
  2. ablativ Senior Member

    Yes, it's accustative. And your explanation is correct, too. It's something like: (I express my) herzlichen Glückwunsch (to you). The same applies for "vielen Dank". And yes, again, they are standard expressions and they must be used this way. Nominative or anything else but accusative is not possible due to the explained resaons.
  3. berndf Moderator

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    You can also see it this way: What else except the accusative could possibly be a useful case? Do the Glückwünsche do anything (nominative)? Do they own anything (genitive)? Do they benefit from anything (dative)? The accusative as the case of the object is simply the most obvious case to use because Glückwünsche or Dank is the object of your wishes and not the subject.
  4. IoannaGriechenland New Member

    Thank you both,you have been most helpful!

    Have a nice day,

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