He's brighter than I gave him credit for.

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Hello. I'm a little confused about the meaning of 'credit' in the following sentence:

"He's brighter than I gave him credit for."

Taking a look at the meanings that The American Heritage Dictionary provides, which one do you think fits better in this context?

1. Belief or confidence in the truth of something.
4. Recognition or approval for an act, ability, or quality: gave them credit for a job well done.

For a moment I just thought #4 could be the correct one, but now I think #1 is just what it means here. What do you think?
Thanks in advance!
  • lucas-sp

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    I prefer this definition from further down the page:
    1. commendation or approval, as for an act or quality she was given credit for her work
    I would say that #4 is better though. "He's brighter than I recognized" is the general gist of the sentence.
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