He's cool as a kite


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Hi everybody,
did you ever hear the expression "cool as a kite?"
I explain to you the context. A group of friend is waiting for a guest. They never saw him before.
When the guest arrives, they look at him from the window. He has a
beard Amish-style.
So, one of the friend says: "He's cool as a kite, but I think he might be
Does anyone understand?
Thanks a lot
  • TimLA

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    I've not heard this one before, and to be honest, I'm not sure what it means.
    It either means he's very calm or very "cool" (up-to-date, fits-in, exciting).
    But the whole situation is odd, so I might guess that the phrase is part of a larger joke about the whole scene.

    The more common one for this "meaning" is "cool as a cucumber" which means "calm under pressure".
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