He's glamorous


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Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect

I recently joined a soccer team and the captain is charismatic. When someone asked me about the captain I said something like:

He’s glamorous and magnetic.

I later noticed that “glamorous” is for women, I wonder if I can use it in my expression to describe a man like that?

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I think I’d better stick to the rule here, save the word for women.
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    Yeah, "glamorous" maybe isn't the best word. Can you describe in a different way what you mean/meant by "glamorous"?


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    I want to describe a person who's magnetic, charming and charismatic. Since he's my captain; he's in charge of the team. We have 40 members.

    I wonder if I can say:

    He's magnetic, charming and charismatc.


    I don't think it works, but I don't know what to say.


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    Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect
    I once heard that the term "glamorous" is for women and I don't find it strange when it comes to gay men. I still have a question, since it's in this thread, I don't want to start a new one:

    I wonder if I can simply say:

    He's charming and magnetic.

    I mean, I don't need to say:

    He's a charming and magnetic man.

    Sometimes an adjective have to be put before a noun.


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    Is "glamorous" really used for a man by native speakers, I mean by a straight man/woman for a straight man? For women: men; 80-20, 90-10, 95-5,...?


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    As a straight woman I would never call any man "glamorous", though he might have a glamorous lifestyle. I would call a woman "glamorous" based on her looks/lifestyle only; it's nothing really to do with a strong personality - in my opinion.

    I think that in BE we are a bit more restrained in how we praise a soccer captain. He has a magnetic personality and he's very popular might be possible.

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    I am not really liking magnetic as a way of describing the soccer captain, or any personality, come to that. It sounds unfamiliar/odd to me.

    As you have been told already: charismatic is the "go-to" word for this job.
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