He's hot material


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Context is rock music in the 50's.

A producer says : "He's very hot material"

I know the meaning of the phrase, simply I don't find anything in French.
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    Non, c'est un rocker dans les années 50 à New York. C'est très tendance est une expression bien plus tardive, sans doute fin des années 70.

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    In the context of a producer referring to a musician as "very hot material,"
    I understand that the musician is très recherché.

    For me, it is this definition of hot:
    :currently popular or in demand
    //She's become one of Hollywood's hottest commodities.
    //a hot item in stores this year


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    French (Provence)
    In the 50's it would have been "c'est une pointure"
    in the late 70's: "c'est du lourd"


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    I wondered if the expression had evolved from “hot off the press” (fraîchement sorti des presses) the idea of this music/musician being tout nouveau.
    However my thoughts are not backed up by Merriam-Webster Definition of HOT STUFF (1894)
    a person or thing of outstanding quality or skill
    Il est douée, in the sense of being an accomplished musician. I learnt something new.
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