"he's raided the landfill" and "garbage gone through"


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Hello: In the following excerpt I'm not sure about the meaning of "he's raided" and "have had their garbage gone through":

"That bear is a prime suspect. He's raided the landfill near Swiftwater and a few homesteads there have had their garbage gone through"

1) Does "he's raided the landfill" here mean "he has attacked the landfill"?
2) Does the second part of the sentence mean that the bear kind of inspected the garbage, possibly by pawing and clawing?

Thank you
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    1) He may have attacked it, or snuck in silently, but he took what he wanted from the landfill. And then left.

    2) "he" was the one to have looked at/smelled/ touched everything in the garbage, (and maybe even taken some of that garbage.)
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