he's the originator of the project/ he's originator of ...

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  1. nenuphea Member


    Could you please tell me what is the correct sentence between:

    "he's the originator of the project"
    "he's originator of the project",

    the original sentence, in french, was:

    "Monsieur G. est l'initiateur du projet présenté ce jour."

    Thank you for your help!
  2. ColinForhan Senior Member

    English - American
    He's the originator of the project is correct.

    However, originator sounds weird to me. I would say something like, "The project is his brainchild"
  3. Azaghal New Member

    I agree with ColinForhan, but I'd say something like
    "Mr. G is at the root of the project"
    But I'm not a native speaker so.. :)
  4. paxmentis New Member

    I agree with both of the suggestions given above, although I would say the original "the originator" sounds perfectly reasonable to me as well ;)
  5. nenuphea Member

    Thank you for your help and explanations!

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