Het feestelijke jubileumjaar 100 jaar ABC is bijna teneinde


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Hello, I am a beginner in Dutch.:D
I'm having trouble understanding what the following means:

Een eeuw midden in de samenleving - het feestelijke jubileumjaar 100 jaar ABC is bijna teneinde.

my literal translation:
A century heart in society - the festive anniversary 100 years ABC is nearly in order to

I think that this might be (properly)translated as
A century in the heart of society-The festive 100 yr anniversary of ABC is close by but I am uncertain.

What is the correct meaning?
Thank you.
  • Joannes

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    Belgian Dutch
    'is nearly at an end'

    It's a mispelling, but few people know:
    ten einde means 'at an end' / teneinde means '(in order) to' but it is formal written language and even then rare, so I guess you're confused because of your dictionary.

    ten minste is 'at least' in the literal sense, a number or quantity generally follows (minstens) / tenminste is 'at least' in a modal sense (althans)
    ten slotte is 'finally, as a last thing' (tot slot) / tenslotte means 'eventually'
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