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Hallo everyone!:)
I've been learning Dutch at Uni for a semester now, and our teacher is from Holland. On 5th December he came to class with a bunch of traditional stuff Dutch ppl eat on that day (or around this time I believe) and gave us (his 5-6 students) a present. Plus, he wrote a little amusing poem for each one of us in Dutch, with rhymes and all which was the sweetest thing ever!
So, in return, we wanted to write him a little poem ourselves, but it's quite hard since we don't have the vocabulary to play with words like that yet! I was wondering if any dutch member here, who has an idea about what that tradition, could tell a bit more about it?
AND, would anyone help translate the poem we'll be making to him from English to Dutch? I'd very much appreciate it! We wanna give him a present on 'our' Christmas!

One more thing! This is sort of a cultural thing - do you guys have/had Sesame Street on tv too?? If you do, could you tell me what's your name for Bert, one of the characters? 'Cause I know every character has a different name in different languages... Many thanks in advance!!

and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place!:eek:

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    First the easy one: Bert = Bert in the Dutch Sesamstraat, same name.

    About Sinterklaas: I found an article in English that explains the tradition quite well, I send it to your private mail as I'm still not allowed to post links...

    And off course I want to help with your translation, just send it when it's ready.


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    Just a little remark, Sparkle. Here in the forum we traditionally use informal forms of address - so there's no need to "dank u" anyone! ;)

    All the best!