heure pleine/creuse, demi-heures suppl.

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    I'd like to translate into English :

    1ère heure creuse indivisible: 5€
    1ère heure pleine indivisible: 7€
    toutes demi-heures supplémentaires : 1.5€

    So as you can see, it's about a price list.
    Is it correct to translate like this:

    first indivisible off-peak hour: 5€
    first indivisible peak hour: 7€
    each extra half-hour: 1.5€

    Maybe 'indivisible' doesn't mean anything for English-native speakers in this context. For instance, if the customer pays at 6.30, he/she can benefit of the service until 7.30. But he can't say 'ok I will use your service from 6.30 to 7.00 and then from 10.00 to 10.30'.

    I hope I'm clear with my explanation!
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    In parking lots, I have seen the phrase "first full hour". I have never heard of anyone thinking they could split that up into smaller intervals. But I have also seen the phrase "no re-entry" added to the first phrase. Generally this would disallow leaving and re-entering during that full hour.
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    Hi tuntun

    It would generally be understood (in the UK at least) that the cost for the first hour would be the same if you only used a half-hour. If you still want to be explicit, you could use "First hour (or part thereof) ...".

    For the extra periods "For each subsequent half-hour ..."


    First hour, or part thereof: €5 (off-peak); €7 (peak)
    Each subsequent half-hour, or part thereof: €1.50

    (note also that currency symbols precede the number in BE and AE)

    I hope this helps!
  4. jann

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    The point is regardless of whether you use the service for 5 minutes or 55 minutes, you will have to pay for an entire hour. Then you will be billed in half-hour intervals for any use of the service in excess of the first 60 minutes. Furthermore, the rate for the first hour depends on whether you use the service during peak or off-peak hours. If you use the service for continuous several hours, and so some of those hours are peak and others are off-peak, I imagine that you pay the indivisible first-hour fee only once.

    Perhaps the following descriptor is a clear way to convey all that information:

    First hour, off-peak (indivisible):
    First hour, peak (indivisible):
    Each extra half-hour:

    EDIT: I've just seen JJG's post -- and I like those translations too!
  5. tuntun Member

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    Thank you so much for your quick answers!! :)

    Your explanations have been very useful!

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