heureuse et en bonne santé

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I am writing a letter to an old lady and would like to start with this sentence:

"I hope that this letter finds you in good health and spirit"

However, I am afraid that the word "spirit" in this context could be understood either in the meaning of "mood" ("humeur" in French), which would implies that I am adressing a moody person, which is not the case, or that this person has a depressive tendancy... which is also not the case.

Could anyone enlighten me?

Thany in advance!
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    Hello 12345 :),

    Please would you let us know what you would like to say in French. Thanks. (The title needs to be in the source language, which is French in this case.)

    "Good spirit" isn't used much to describe the mood of a person.
    We might say "there was a good spirit at the meeting".
    We could say "... finds you in good spirits".

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    In French, it would be: "J'espère que ces lignes vous trouvent en forme et en bonne santé", ou "heureuse et en bonne santé".

    What is the difference between "good spirit" and "good spirits"

    Thanx for your help!


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    What is the difference between "good spirit" and "good spirits"

    Thanx for your help![/QUOTE]

    I would say the expression is this: I hope this finds you in good spirits," which implies optimism or happiness. I can't think of a case where you would just use "good spirit."


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    "In good spirit" doesn't mean anything to me, sangha--normally we say in good spirits.

    To get back to the original question, the usual expression in English is simply healthy and happy.
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