Heureusement que je passais par là

Hello, how to translate the following sentence containing the tile words.

A: Ma voiture ne veut pas démarrer, et je dois aller chercher les tableaux.
B: Heureusement que je passais par là. Allez, viens!

Luckily that I just passed here. Would this be all right?
  • English - the Queen's
    By themselves, "j'allais" and "je passais" just mean "I was going" and "I was passing (by)".

    You will, however, see "aller" (but not "passer") in this tense to mean "I was about to do something".

    E.g. J'allais me laver les cheveux quand ma soeur a téléphoné.
    "I was going to/about to wash my hair when my sister rang/phoned/called.

    You can't use "passer" in this sense.