Heureusement qu'elle savait mieux mentir que Beth


What does the sentence below wants to say please?
"Heureusement qu'elle savait mieux mentir que Beth, qui n'aurait jamais osé se faire passer pour une avocate."
The lady referred in this sentence as "elle" is a lawyer who has an impressive CV but lives in a small city at the time. Therefore she hides that she graduated from a prestigious university and worked in a grand NewYork bar.
She lies by saying she worked for Beth (the one mentioned in the sentence) whose family was her client and friend when working as a lawyer.
Seems a rather complicated plea for help now, but HELP please:)
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    Luckily, she was a better liar than Beth, who would never have dared to pretend to be a lawyer.

    I hope my sentence is ok, there is quite a few verbs !​


    Thanks for your great help. It's the "Heureusement qu'elle savait mieux mentir que Beth" part I wanted to erase my doubts.
    So she knows how to lie better than Beth?
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