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    Salam alaykum,

    My question concerns the best translation of the term "heuristics" through Arabic words. Actually I want it to use in Persian language, but since many technical terms in New Persian are historically of Arabic origin then I decided to discuss my question with native Arabic speakers and experts-also both of my suggestions being Arabic words indeed: "mukaashifa" and "iktishaafy".

    The term heuristics in English literature originates from Greek language and shares the same root with the famous Archimedean exclamation: "eureka!" ~ "I've found!". I believe the best translation for "heuristics" regarding the Persian lexical treasure is "مکاشفه" which, to my knowledge, indicates an active state of figuring out problems (namely you try to figure out the problem and you do it). In Persian some have suggested the term اکتشافی for English heuristics, which I believe could easily alienate the reader or at least cause misconceptions (due to other usages of "iktishaafy").

    But in Persian literature mukaashifa is traditionally used in sense of "revelation" (which in Arabic is translated as وحی as far as I know). I am thinking that another Arabic term, from the same root as above, will best fit significance of "revelation": انکشاف. This terms, as far as I am concerned, implies a sense of inactive finding (you sit there and gradually things appear to you - perhaps without you intentionally trying to figuring them out).

    So there are my initial suggestions: مکاشفه for heuristics, and انکشاف for revelation (I know in Arabic heuristics has been translated as حدس مهنی; as I have already noted I am using these Arabic counterparts concerning Persian language).

    Please let me know what do you think about above suggestions. Do they represent the given counterparts? Am I correct with my conclusions regarding senses which "mukaashifa" and "inkishaaf" convey?

    Thank you indeed in advance.

    Best Wishes

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    Could any one please help me with the given arguments on "انفعال" and "مفاعله" and "افتعال" masdars above? I think the essential distinction between these masaadir could shed light on this question.
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    You should look for a specialist dictionary, since this kind of technical term cannot be 'deduced' from linguistic forms alone.

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