1. Hege Member

    Norway, Norwegian
    Hola :)
    Can someone please tell me how to say "hey handsome" in spanish? (Preferably Latin-American spanish if it`s a difference :)
    Muchas gracias...

    Hege :)
  2. Monnik

    Monnik Senior Member

    Yo, en México; mi corazón, en Madrid
    Mexico - Spanish/English
    Hello, Hege...

    "Hola, guapo" is a very good option, although I am sure you will get more than one option on how to call someone handsome.

    In Mexico, in particular, a handsome man can be described as:


    I would stick to guapo if you don't know the person that much.

    My best...
  3. Hege Member

    Norway, Norwegian
    Muchas gracias Monnik :)
    It was really helpful :)

    Hege :)
  4. soymichelo75 New Member

    in spanish:

    hola guapo/guapa/ guapetón/guapetona

    i think every spanish speaker will understand you, but if you use words as FORRO, MANGO...etc... only mexicans (in that case) would understand you... at least my thought!!

    PS: here mango is a way to call the pennis LOL :p
  5. Cayena

    Cayena Member

    Buenos Aires
    I'd stick to "guapo" which is widely understood by Spanish speakers. You can also say "Hola lindo"..."Forro" in Argentina is a very mean/bad guy, an assh....
  6. Sanchezdls New Member

    Canada English/Spanish

    Cuidado, guapo in the DR means angry, and cuero means slvt.

    hermoso, Bonito, lindo, bello, are other words for good looking.

    Depending on which south american country you visit the words will vary.

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