Hey, man, do you own legwork

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Can anyone help me to understand what do you own legwork means? Here's the context: two rival bachelors in a laudromat. Doing the laundry is just an excuse to meet women:

Man 1: Look man, I've got a date tonight. Otherwise I'd be scarfin up on a sure thing.
Man 2: In here?
Man 1: As we speak, ol' buddy.
Man 2: Where?
Man 1: Hey, man, do you own legwork.
Man 2: Fuck you very much.

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    legwork was originally a police/detective term. It means walking from door to door making enquiries (usually) to see if there are any witnesses to a crime or people who recognise a photograph or know the whereabouts of a person, etc.

    It later grew to mean any tedious or repetitive job that is, nevertheless, necessary. In general use, it retains this latter meaning.

    Man 2: Where?
    Man 1: Hey, man, do you own legwork. (= You find out for yourself by trying every place, just as I had to.)


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