Hey, what's up, how have you been?


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This will probably be one the easiest answers you guys have ever had to give since you have been on this forum :) .

Because I speak Spanish I can read Portuguese fairly decently, but I cannot however come up with anything on my own, I can only read.
I have a friend from Brazil that I'm going to write an e-mail to (she speaks English) and I just want a nice way to open the e-mail in her native language.

I just want a very informal and standard way of saying "Hey, what's up, how have you been?" I do not want it to sound formal, I just want it to be the way you would talk to a close friend of yours that just walked in the door of your house, just very casual and clean sounding, nothing too fancy or difficult.
I appreciate the help!
  • Welcome Redline,

    There are many ways and I am sure you are going to have some suggestions in here.

    Some options:
    - Oi sumida! Cadê você? (I aways say this one to my close friends)
    - Ei, por onde você tem andado?
    - E aí, tudo bem?

    Well, just wait a little...
    I like this one:

    "E aí moça, tudo bem?", this "E aí" being "what's up".

    It's very common to use "Tudo beleza??", "Tudo bom?", "Tudo jóia?", "Tudo ok?", "Tudo certo?" and thousands of others. Where is she from, which city?
    If you friend is about 20 ( more or less the same age as ourselves ) he or she probably greets their friends like this: "E aí, beleza?". Don't try to translate the meaning into English because it would sound most strange, just use it. It's very natural and people (at this age ) from all social backgrounds say it. In chatspeak it's usually written like this " E ae, blz?".

    All the best!
    Thank you everyone, I appreciate it, and as far as what city she is from, I know that she lived in Sao Paulo for a long time and know that now she lives in a suburb of Sao Paulo. I'm not sure if that changes anything or not, but either way I greatly appreciate all of your help :) .
    Just a quick question...Is "tudo belleza" only used when talking to a girl, or can it be used for guys as well?