Hey you, get out of the way / [excuse me]


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I would like to know what I can say when I am in the supermarket and someone is standing in my way. Now I use to say: "excuse me." and if they don't hear me I just say it another time but then louder.

"Hey you, get out of the way." Sounds so rude.


  • jpyvr

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    "Would you mind getting out of my way, please?" is more forceful than "excuse me" and is very clear what you would like the person to do, but is much less rude than "Hey you, get out of the way". "Hey you" is likely to be considered rude by almost any person to whom it refers.


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    The more loudly repeated "excuse me!" is good. You could also say, "Excuse me, could I pass by, please?" in a strong (but not yelling or angry) voice.