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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    what would 'hiç' mean exactly?

    What is difference between just 'hiç' and 'hiçbir şey'?

    İ know what it mean but sometimes i see no difference

    some sentences as example please

    thanks :)
  2. Gemmenita

    Gemmenita Senior Member


    The function of "Hiç" is adverbe and means "nothing/ not at all", and can be used in a sentence or alone too.

    The function of "hiçbir şey" is object and means "nothing" too, but rather in the meaning of "not even one thing/ nothing at all".

    I give you examples to clear up:

    Ne yapıyorsun? Hiç (nothing)

    Bunca yıldan sonra beni hiç tanımamışsın. (After so many years, you have not known me at all)

    Henüz ona hiçbir şey almadım. ( I have not bought even one thing for him yet/ I have bought nothing at all yet for him)

    You can't say "Henüz ona hiç almadım." because it is object and should be " hiçbir şey".

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