'Hi' a greeting

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  • SweetSoulSister

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    American English
    "Hi" is also considered a salutation, though usually a salutation is something more formal like "Dear Mrs. XXX".

    I would never say "I am going to go salute my guests." I would say...
    I am going to greet my guests.
    I am going to go say hi to my guests.


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    English (UK) New Zealand
    In our daily lives, when we meet people for the first time in a day, we say 'hi'. Is it a greeting or a saluatation?
    It is a greeting, as a salutation i what you use in a letter - for example, "Dear Mrs Hodgson, Dear Mr Smith" etc.

    Hi is obviously very informal, and you would say it to an acquaintance or a friend when meeting them at the bus stop or similar.


    Punky Zoé

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    France - français
    And please could you tell me all the different forms of hi: I know hiya, hi there, more informal than hi, I think?
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