hi babe would you go out with me / be my boyfriend

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  1. Babegurl New Member

    English and USA
    how do you say in spanish
    hi babe would you go out with me.
    or be my boyfriend
  2. lafert Senior Member

    at the edge
    Spanish Uruguay
    saldrías conmigo?
    te gustaría ser mi novio?

    ROSY MARTINEZ Senior Member

    Hola bebe, te gustaria salir conmingo,
    o ser mi novio?
  4. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Hi Babegurl... and welcome to WordReference.

    You will notice I changed your thread's title (which used to read simply "life") to include the actual phrases you needed help with.

    From now on, please write down the actual phrase (or term, when applicable) on the title of each new thread you open, as this
    1) assists our dictionaries' Search function, and
    2) provides at-a-glance thread differentiation.

    Thanks in advance for your future cooperation in this regard. :thumbsup:

    LN - Mod
  5. Alberto82 Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    Hola. Por lo menos en España no se utiliza nunca bebé para referirse a otra persona, ni siquiera en sentido cariñoso.
  6. black_eyes082

    black_eyes082 Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish
    Hola nene, te gustaría salir conmigo / ser mi novio.... aquí en Chile en vez de novio decimos "pololo" jejeje
  7. samysam Member

    Saldrías conmigo?? Quisieras ser mi novio??

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