Hi, I'm looking for synonyms to "pathological liar"

Discussion in 'English Only' started by roniy, Aug 16, 2006.

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    Hi, I'm looking for synonyms to "pathological liar".

    I don't mean words like "liar", or dishonest person.
    I am looking for something in the high language or even maybe medical term for that.

  2. JamesM

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    Can you tell us in what context this will be used? The answer could be very different, depending on the context.
  3. ashbury

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    :) "Mythomania", that's the interesting word I've found in the dictionary. Is that the right word??
  4. Brian P

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    It is someone who cannot tell the difference between truth and falsehood. In other words, who doesn't know whether he's lying or telling the truth.
  5. Brioche

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    "Pathological liar" is a fairly clinical term-- though I wouldn't be surprised if it's been "updated" into something like "fact-challenged personality disorder."

    "Congenital liar" is an older term, and it means lying is in your nature, you can't help it.

    Sociopaths and psychopaths don't know right from wrong in general, and this includes lying.

    More colloquial is, "he's a born liar." Same meaning as "congenital."
  7. swyves

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    Well, I made one up, looked it up, and it exists! Pseudomania.
  8. . 1 Banned

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    Thanks for beating me to the punch. It was almost too easy.

    I think that pathological-liar is a well used public term. I heard a comedian describing her mother with that term and the meaning was obvious.
    I doubt that it would be possible to find a descriptive more accurate in this case than pathological liar.


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