Hi, may I help you?

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Tattydanzr, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Tattydanzr

    Tattydanzr New Member

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Spanish
    Hi, my name is Tattiana from Costa Rica, Central America. I would like to know what this follow terms means in Italian...thanks!

    Hi, may I help you?

    Hi, Im tattiana, I need to speak with Esteban

    Good Night!

    I love you very much....
  2. AlxGrim

    AlxGrim Senior Member

    Roma, Italy
    Italy, Italian
    . Ciao, posso aiutarti (or aiutarvi)?
    . Ciao, sono Tatiana, ho bisogno di parlare con Esteban
    . Buona notte!
    . Ti amo tanto...

    Variations are possible, depending on the context...
  3. rom_itn

    rom_itn Senior Member

    Sri Lanka - Sinhalese

    Scusa Alex.. Non ti avevo visto :eek:
  4. Tattydanzr

    Tattydanzr New Member

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Spanish
    Great !!! thanks a lot, I would like to learn mora italian language...soon I will ask for more if you dont mind...
  5. ElaineG

    ElaineG Senior Member

    Brooklyn NY
    "Hi, may I help you?" is often said by receptionists or people working in shops, restaurants or other customer service positions.

    If you are speaking to a single customer, it would be (I think) "posso aiutarLe?", to a group of customers, you could say "posso aiutarvi?"

    Alx or another Italian will confirm :)
  6. Tattydanzr

    Tattydanzr New Member

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Spanish
    sometimes I ran into with some italian people and I like help all the pipl so I would very pleased helping them giving some directions or giving some help...:)
  7. morgana

    morgana Senior Member

    Actually,it is "Posso aiutarLa"

  8. Drusillo

    Drusillo Senior Member

    Stuttgart- Germany
    AiutarLI = Aiutare lor signori! (where lor=loro)
  9. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    Haven't I also heard "Posso esserle utile"?
  10. Elisa68 Senior Member

    Yes, you correctly have!:)
  11. Tattydanzr

    Tattydanzr New Member

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Spanish
    Great!!! "thank you very much"...how may I say that!
  12. AlxGrim

    AlxGrim Senior Member

    Roma, Italy
    Italy, Italian
    "Grazie mille"
  13. grappa

    grappa Senior Member

    Central USA-Missouri
    United States English
    I've heard "posso?"
  14. Tattydanzr

    Tattydanzr New Member

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Spanish
    thanks all
  15. Tattydanzr

    Tattydanzr New Member

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Spanish
    you mean the world to me???????
  16. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    that's correct but you say "posso?" when you see someone struggling to open a door or doing something without being able to ...
    so you say "posso?" to offer your help
  17. author1a Member

    USA English
    Customer approaches a teller in a bank in Firenze. What would the teller say to the customer? "May I help you?" "How can I help you today?" The teller is a woman in her late 20s. The customer is a man in his early 30s. She has provocative looks but is not beautiful. He's handsome and nicely dressed. This is not going anywhere between them. It simply sets the scene. Thank you - author1a
  18. Siberia

    Siberia Senior Member

    UK-Wales - English
    You can use "posso, potrresti, può" as mentioned above.
  19. dan9184 Senior Member

    There are several ways to say that:
    'Come posso aiutarla?' or 'Come posso esserle utile?' or 'Posso esserle d'aiuto/utile in qualche modo?' or 'Posso esserle utile/d'aiuto?'

    Anyway most of the times the teller will simply tell you: 'dica, cosa le serve?!', which is not really polite (It sounds to me as a rude way to address a customer).

    All these expressions are spoken throughout Italy and there is no local difference (you can hear them in Turin, Rome,Florence,etc..)
  20. author1a Member

    USA English
    Thank you, Dan. My co-author lives in Firenze, is a native there. He always double-checks the Italian phrases I get from people in this forum, which I only use when he is too busy with the rest of his life to respond to my queries. Thank you again. Or should I say, "Grazie!" Ciao - author1a
  21. dan9184 Senior Member

    Non c'è di che!
  22. Vincent2006 Member

    Could you please tell how to speak "How may I help you" or "May I help you?" in Italian
    I know that they may be the same meaning
    how translate
  23. icequeen- Member

    Italian/English - Bilingual
    Come posso esserle utile. (Note that in Italian we use the third person singular for formal conversations - with elders, strangers, etc.)
  24. SpookyT Senior Member

    Milano, Italy
    That's "How may I help you". (Shouldn't there be "can"?)

    May I help you? = Posso aiutarla?

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