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  1. the_drake New Member

    swiss-german, switzerland
    I was wondering if someone knew how the following would translate into french;

    "Hi there, Delta Airlines is hiring some thousand flight attendants during the next year. Since you plan on going into that business, I wanted to let you know about that. Hope you are having a great time..."

    That's all, if anyone knows, that would be great,
  2. Isotta

    Isotta Senior Member

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    Hi and welcome!

    Here is my go:

    Salut, Delta Airlines embauche environ un millier d’hôtesses de l’air et de stewards l’année prochaine. Etant donné que c’est le travail auquel tu prétends, je voulais te mettre au courant. J’espère que tu t’amuses.

    Hope this helps--

  3. the_drake New Member

    swiss-german, switzerland
    thanks for your help.


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