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Discussion in 'English Only' started by cicciosa, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. cicciosa

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    Hello everyone (or can I say "Hi there"???)...
    Yes... the question is when I can use "Hi there" to start an e-mail....
    It seems to me that I can use it when I wrote an e-mail to a company and I don't know the person who is <<going to>> reply me. Is that right???

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  2. timpeac

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    I wouldn't - it's very colloquial, so I would only use it with a friend. I would find it odd to get a work email starting "Hi there" - and even more so from someone I didn't even know.
  3. KayDeeAy Member

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    You shouldn't write "Hi there" in a formal letter. You can only write that to a close friend. It is a very casual greeting. For a formal letter when you don't know who is going to receive it, you can write "To whom it may concern".
  4. teksch Senior Member

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    "Hi there" is a rather informal way to send an e-mail no someone that you do not know. When you write (not wrote) an e-mail to an unknown person you may want to begin it with Good morning, Good afternoon, Attention Sales Department, etc. In a very formal message you can begin with "To whom it may concern."

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