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    hello everybody

    here is a quotation from Dean Swift :

    "What a national debt of five million pounds.Why, the High Allies will be the ruin of us"

    anyone to tell me what the "High Allies" are or what they stand for, knowing that these words date back to 1705.
  2. Keith Bradford

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    These were Britain and its allies at that time, who seemed to be mainly central European countries including some along the Danube. But you'd need a greater knowledge of history than I have to list them!
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    Brittany, France
    France, french
    Thanks Keith, it seems like you are my only ally on this ! comes as no surprise from another Breton ...
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  4. Uncle Bob Senior Member

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    Not so much a knowledge of history as a use of Wikipedia!
    "High allies" = League of Augsburg countries (Austria, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Holland, Palatinate, Portugal, Savoy, Saxony, Spain, Sweden included at different times) which were joined by England to form the "Grand Alliance" to fight the 9-Years War against France (1688-1697). (Ended up as a score draw).
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    Brittany, France
    France, french

    thanks. Let's hope then that Wikipedia won't be just past history!

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