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    En un libro de psiquiatría/Alzheimer hablan de los objetivos habituales de la neuropsicología, y en la enumeración está en primer lugar

    Detecting subtle deficits (particularly in high-functioning individuals)

    Entiendo la idea, pero la expresión high-functioning se resiste a ser traducida. No me gusta "individuos de alto funcionamiento". Ayuda, please
  2. Black Horse Senior Member

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    Sí se denominan "de alto funcionamiento", aunque también se usa "de alto nivel" especialmente cuando se refiere a una afección tal como el autismo de alto nivel.
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    ¿"High-functioning alcoholic" sería alcohólico de alto funcionamiento o alcohólico de alto nivel?
  4. susan26 New Member

    Not much to say for being a "high functioning" loner - allowing you to escape the stigma and blame, and that allows private individuals to keep their difficulties. But I think it works well too dog gone loneliness can make much more difficult to endure .... Just because no one will think you ask about it.
  5. jobeecl Senior Member

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    "De alto nivel" me suena a otro tipo de connotación. Creo que más apropiado, tomando en cuenta la descripción más que una traducción literal, sería "Autónomo" o "Con mayor capacidad de autonomía".

    ​Rock On!!
  6. fqo Senior Member

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    Gracias por las respuestas
  7. Wisconsinite Senior Member

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    In general, high-functioning has a positive connotation. For example,
    -Company XXX boasts a very high functioning administrative team. This means they are good at their jobs and function well as a team.
    -Student YYY is a very high-functioning, capable student. Again, this has a positive connotation, meaning this student has great skills and can employ his/her skills effectively.

    When it describing someone as high-functioning, it's not enough to simply have great skills, you must actually use those skills to get great results. You FUNCTION well, by getting positive results.

    When "high-functioning" is paired with a medical condition or disability, the connotation is becomes "this person is high-functioning in comparison to others who have __________" or "this person is high-functioning despite being afflicted with ____________."

    So, a high-functioning autistic is a person whose autistic tendencies aren't as severe, so that in comparison to other more severely autistic people, they are able to lead a more normal life. They function well, for an autistic.

    A high-functioning alcoholic is a person who manages to hold down a job and live basically a very normal life, despite their alcoholism. Compared to other alcoholics, they appear to be doing pretty well. They manage to perform fairly well in life, even though they suffer from alcoholism.

  8. fqo Senior Member

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    Muchas gracias Wisconsinite. Tu respuesta es realmente completa, precisa y si me lo permites, es high-functioning!

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