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Hi everybody! I’m translating a novel about a woman of 32 that describes how difficult it is to accept her pregnancy, the relationship with her boyfriend, stepchildren of four and two, mother and friends, among other things. In this part, she describes a weekend in Gales, so it says like this: I wish Henry wouldn’t monopolize Libby; the more I watch her the more I want to get to know her. All day her conversation has interested me. A unique mix of high(ish) brow topics and a healthy interest in the tawdry goings-on of the rich and famous.
My attempt: Una mezcla única de temas para intelectuales y un interés saludable en los sórdidos tejemanejes de los ricos y famosos según lo informado en las revistas xx y xx.
I found the translation for “highbrow”: “de intelectual” or “intelectuales”. I didn’t find “highish”; I mean, I don’t know how to translate it, because of the suffix “-ish” which it is there for a reason. Certainly the author must be playing with that. Thanks in advance! Any suggestions are welcome!
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    No se, pero se me ocurre que podría referirse a una persona críticona (no se me ocurre la palabra exacta en este momento). O sea que juzga quizás maliciosamente......como cuando uno levanta una ceja al hablar porque desaprueba de algo/alguien.

    Es una sugerencia.


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    The suffix "ish" means that the quality denoted by the adjective is not fully there, only kind of there. A greenish thing is kind of green, but it's not as obviously green as grass for example. It means the same as "somewhat" (algo). Now "highbrow" should be written like this, as one word, but to accommodate the suffix "ish" it's been written as two. Highbrow maybe in comparison to something else, but not what you'd think of when you hear the word.
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