high line and low line applications

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Hello everyone, I hope you can help me:
I need to translate this sentence:
"Unlike some competitor products, the DRS series accommodates the universal input range of 85 – 264 VAC without the need for any input range selectors.This makes the series suitable for a wide variety of high line and low line applications."
It is a description of a new series of power unit (DRS series) but I can't understand what high and low line are...
My attempt is:
A differenza di altri prodotti concorrenti, la serie DRS si adatta al range di tensione in ingresso universale di 85-264 VAC (Volts Alternating Current – corrente di tensione in volt alternata) senza il bisogno di nessun selettore dei range in ingresso.
Questa caratteristica rende adatta la serie a un’ampia varietà di ...
Thank you for your help!
Are the other part correct? Thanks again.
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