high paid job/high paying job/well paid job


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I saw "high paid job/high paying job/well paid job" on the internet but I have no idea which is correct. Would you please tell me which is idiomatic?

For example:
A lawyer is a high paid job.
  • DonnyB

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    You could use "a highly-paid job" as an alternative to "a job which is well paid" but neither of the other two sounds idiomatic to me.
    People do, of course, use all sorts of odd-sounding expressions on the internet. :rolleyes:

    sound shift

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    I could not use "a high paying job".

    I could not say "A lawyer is a well paid job", because a lawyer is a person, not a job (as velisarius pointed out). However, I could say "He/she has a well paid job."