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I'm not sure I fully understand the part in italics below. The context is getting the basic facts in order to better target your cross-selling. The text appears to refer to data mining (market basket analysis):

This is similar in nature to targeted marketing and market basket analysis under retail, where a high quality score greatly improves the veracity of the effort.

How about C'est comme le marketing concentré et l'analyse du panier de la ménagère dans le commerce du détail où un score de grande qualité (??) améliore considérablement la qualité (l'exactitude ??) de l'effort. ?

The latter part sounds odd...
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    Unfortunately the English is dreadful. It would take too long to tell you how bad..I got timed out :) Here is the short version. Your French version is no more and no less meaningless than the original - "l'exactitude" would be an improvement, since "veracity" is nonsense and should be "accuracy". "A high quality score" is probably trying to say something about "Accurate measurement".


    cela ressemble à un marketing ciblé et à une analyse du panier de la ménagère aussi bien dans le commerce de détail ou les excellents résultats renseignent grandement sur les éfforts consentis. hope it helps!!!