High School Diploma or Diploma de Bachillerato


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Buenos días!

Una preguntita...

I am translating my CV, and I'm wondering if it would be better to translate all of my degrees, awards, and titles into Spanish or just leave them in English...


¿High School Diploma or Diploma de Bachillerato?

¿summa cum laude or mención honorífica?

¿Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages or Licenciatura en Artes Liberales, con especialización en los idiomas modernos?

¿Minor in Chinese or énfasis (minoría) en chino?

¿EMT traning or entreinamiento paramédico?

Gracias! :)
  • High School Diploma = Diploma de estudios secundarios
    Summa cum laude = Summa cum laude
    Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages = Licenciatura en filosofía y letras con especialización en idiomas modernos
    Minor in Chinese = Especialización (o asignatura) secundaria, chino
    EMT training = I don't know. Maybe Capacitación en cuidados paramédicos?
    I thought about using both, but it just gets so cumbersome to read...

    People always say that a resume should be as concise as possible. That's why I was wondering if it would be best to use one or the other.

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    I would certainly translate your degrees, and awards; it's the only way they can be understood in the target language: You do not need to write them in the source language . (Personal opinion)