high school

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    pero para High School Diploma sería Título de Bachillerato de Colegio

    I want to make labels for a scrapbook for a family in Costa Rica. So I want one to say "elementary school" one to say "middle school" and one to say "high school" I know sometimes you use escuela and sometimes colegio so that's why im confused. please translate! thanks
    First, "el I ciclo" (primer ciclo) and "II ciclo" in a "escuela primaria".
    Then, "el III ciclo" (tercer ciclo) in a colegio or liceo.
    Then, "el IV ciclo", in an instituto, colegio or liceo.
    In Costa Rica we don't use 'ciclos'. Only Escuela Primaria (1-6th grade) and Colegio (7th-11th grade or 1st-5th).
    A los grados de primaria se les llama grados y a los de Secundaria o Colegio (son sinónimos en CR) se les llama años. Ej: Cursé el onceavo/quinto año del Colegio tal y tal...
    Are you making a scrapbook for their photos, or for your own? The elementary school / middle school / high school distinction remains relevant if you're labeling your own photos, but (as Monickv76 tells us) not if you're labeling theirs. "Escuela primaria" will work for both US and Costa Rica; if you're labeling your own photos you'll need to figure out the best way to translate "middle school," or you could give up the distinction and call them all "escuela secundaria."