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Hello, can somebody help me with this thread please?

I am translating from English into French and I don't really get the key word in French for 'high street' travel agencies. CAn somebody explaine me? is it something to do with the most important travel agencies or travel agencies with most number of clients...?

thank you!
  • Bonjour Ursulaaa !

    According to this explanation :
    As increasing use of the Internet allowed online stores, accessible only through computers, to compete with established retail shops, the latter began to be called "brick-and-mortar stores" or "high street shops" to indicate that customers could (in fact, had to) visit them to examine and purchase their goods. In the U.S., "brick-and-mortar" emphasizes the physical construction of these stores, as opposed to the largely electronic nature of online stores. In the UK, "high street" emphasizes the more traditional shopping venue, since the name "High Street" is commonly used in the UK for a town's primary retail thoroughfare. These two terms are also often used to describe the physical storefronts of a retail business that also sells products online.

    It has the same meaning as those definitions of 'high street' from the link provided by Caroline.

    I would say : les agences de voyages situées sur les rues principales ou axes principaux, ou encore dans les centre commerciaux.
    So, those travel agencies are in a sense more 'important' due to their great location, as those may attract more clients and generate more sales.
    Anangelaway, I may be wrong, but I find the explanation you found when you googled the term 'high street' differs from the conclusion you yourself draw from it : personally, if I understand what your source says correctly, I understand high street stores is a term used to refer to stores which are "real"(brick-and-mortar stores), not virtual, or online.
    Therefore, I wouldn't translate it the way you do, but I would say "les agences de voyage traditionnelles" as opposed to "les agences de voyage en ligne"
    I admit I am not much satisfied with "traditionnelles" but would keep it for want of a better word. What do you think ?:)
    Bonjour Caroline ! :)
    Let's imagine the world without the online travel booking system just for now. The way I see it, you do have High Streets travel agencies, as opposed to just local travel agencies. I guess in order to differentiate them, they named those located in very attractive locations, the High Street ones. At first, those were located on main streets (or very centered), but nowadays with Shopping malls, and/or something like Les Halles in Paris for instance, the name remains High Street as it is justified by the number of sales they generate, in comparison with a local travel agency let's say on the outskirt of the city for instance, or just outside a main street.
    Thank you Anangelaway :) Yes, I do understand the distinction there was between local & high street stores when the Web didn't exist.
    But it now does, hence my doubts ... :)