high street

  • The high street is the most important street in a small town, where you are likely to find most of the shops. At least that was the traditional arrangement. It is also used to talk about everyday commerce: "Prices in the high street have risen by 5 per cent", "high street fashion" (as opposed to more prestigious and expensive designer fashion), etc.

    You should say "a high street", not "an ...".
    hi rob625,
    thank you very much for your reply.i have to do a translation from english into italian but i could't find a suitable translation for "high street" because the dictionary isn't very helpful. a question: can the high streets be those shops belonging to big "department store chains"(i don't know if it is the proper term) such as Marks and Spencer?
    thanks a lot!
    "High street" can also refer to streets in the centre of cities which contain larger department stores. Unfortunately most of these seem to have moved to out of town shopping malls now:-(