high white whine

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'Even in her trances, even while possessed, my sister was very shrewd about her prospects. A fantasy would collapse like a wave against the rocks of her intelligence. Madness, as I understood it from books, meant a person who was open to the high white whine of everything.'

from Swamplandia! (a novel)

When someone is open to 'the high white whine' of everything, how does that person perceive everything? Does it mean he/ she is extremely sensitive to everything?

Please help. Thank you.
  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    1. Swamplandia is not normal English, as we've told you before.

    2. There is a thing called white noise. This is noise that contains no meaning (like radio interference). I guess that the high white whine of everything might be the meaninglessness of much of the universe, to a mad person.
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